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This months focus is on Vital Vitamin D

I often write about the importance of Vitamin D supplementation in the winter!!

Vitamin D is produced in our bodies by exposure to the sun’s rays. We’ve had lots of sun this summer I hear you say. True, but a factor 15 sun cream will block the conversion by 95%, as will wearing make-up. In the winter months the sun is too low in the sky at this latitude to initiate vitamin D production.

So why do we need it? D plays a key role in boosting the immune system. In particular it triggers and arms the body’s T cells. These cells seek out and destroy invading bacteria.

One of its major functions is to get calcium into the bone structure. This is especially important for children (to avoid rickets) and the elderly (osteoporosis).

Clinical trials have shown that increased levels of D reduce muscular or skeletal pain in elderly people by improving muscle strength. This also resulted in fewer falls.

Deficiency of vitamin D is linked to increased incidence of Multiple Sclerosis and many Cancers.

Do you dread the winter?

You may be borderline deficient in D. Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, has been reduced by vitamin D supplementation. Generally there was a lessening of the severity of depression, enhanced mood and sociability and overall wellbeing. This can be particularly relevant for house-bound elderly people and computer-bound youngsters.

No wonder the Chief Medical Officer has told doctors to recommend vitamin D particularly for the young and elderly. I would add all those who want to stay well this winter.

Tablets and mouth sprays are on special offer at Sherwood Wholefoods this month so it a great time start your winter protection.

For more information please come into the shop and we are happy to answer any question or concerns that you may have.


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