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Our History


Many years ago, two friends with vision, opened up a little stall in the indoor market within the flourishing market town of Market Drayton in Shropshire. The market stall was only open on a Wednesday and Saturday. 

Then the two friends decided to that they wanted to explore new and different adventures. So they sold their little business to a lovely couple called Cynthia and David Sherwood

With Cynthia and David’s cheerful and happy approach the little market stall grew from strength to strength. As they became busier, Cynthia and David took a chance and opened an independent health food shop within the town of Market Drayton. They found the perfect little shop (next to the current shop) and became known as Sherwood Wholefoods.

In 1993 Cynthia and David decided to hire their first member of staff. This staff member was called Carol Reid (the current owner). Carol’s cheerful and positive personality fitted in well with the shop's approach. She became interested in learning about health food products.


Eventually Cynthia and David decided to sell their thriving little shop to a lady called Liz. Liz wanted to introduce additional products. When the larger shop next door became available she jumped at the opportunity.  With the help of some friends (including Carol and Miller Reid) and a couple of local shopping trollies, she moved to 1, Wilkson Walk (where the shop is today).


​Now with a bigger shop Liz employed another member of staff.  Heather enjoyed working in Sherwood Wholefoods so much she is still working in the shop today.​

However a year later Liz had to move from the area and she asked Carol and Miller if they would be interested in owning a health food shop. Carol and Miller excitedly took Liz up on her offer.


From then on Carol and Miller have been the sole owners of this lovely health food shop.

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