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Seasons of Sniffles (Hayfever)

Fields of yellow oil-seed rape are brightening the countryside right now. Sadly there are some who will start to snuffle and sneeze soon. Pollen released from these flowers is particularly triggering.

Hayfever is all about histamine release and inflammation. Many herbs can calm down an overactive response.

A.Vogel has a useful herbal combination of drops called Luffa complex which will act quickly to reduce symptoms. This is also available as tablets. They have eye drops and nasal spray.

Sherwood Wholefoods is offering a 10% discount on all A.Vogel hayfever products during April.

Other hayfever busting super substances include;

  • Quercetin, a flavonoid found in onions, green tea and apples, that reduces histamine release in the body.

  • MSM, a sulphur containing compound, blocks the receptivity of histamine into sensitive tissues.

  • There has even been a study that showed nettles were effective in reducing symptoms. You could make nettle soup; use rubber gloves to pick and simmer the leaves for at least 10 minutes to disable the sting.

Hayfever is essentially an over-reaction, and a many pronged approach may be necessary. However, with a spirit of experimentation, hayfever could become an inconvenience of the past.

More information is freely available at Sherwood Wholefoods.


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